Appreciation (21 min.)

This meditation is dedicated to gratitude and appreciation.
Appreciation is the key that can open all doors in life, because, just like excitement, is the natural state of your Soul.
We could say that, if excitement is the energy which makes you accelerate in the manifestation of your dreams, appreciation is the solid foundation which allows you to stay on the path while you accelerate more and more.
This meditation is ideal if you are already in a positive state and want to nurture this state by growing its vibration.

What is then appreciation?

When you look at your life right now, at this moment, and you feel happy for what you have, and you feel your desires and dreams spouting from this happiness of the present, then you know what appreciation means.
When you live joyfully the things you have, and yet you also feel the desire to push yourself even beyond, then you are in appreciation.
When you naturally bring your attention to the things you like, and when you let evaporate all those things which you don’t like, then you are appreciating.

If you feel depressed, angry, and dissatisfied, it will be more difficult to perceive this particular state. But even in those moments, the wisest thing to do is to repeat to yourself “it’s fine, I accept this moment and I know that I will find balance again”.

So, when you feel a strong negative emotion you cannot demand from yourself to immediately enter a state of appreciation. When you are experiencing a significantly negative polarity, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to try to move at once towards a completely positive one.

Indeed, when you feel a negative emotion, the best thing to move up on the staircase of your emotions towards a slightly less negative emotion, even if not yet positive, and step by step, to reach a place of neutrality, which is where you can start moving more fully toward a positive state.