Starseed Activation (28 min.)

guided meditation for Starseed activation and awakening

Send Healing Energy (20 min.)

guided meditation to send energy to a loved one.

Aura Healing Meditation (31 min.)

Cleanse your subtle bodies and boost you energy field.

Frequencies for the Awakening (19 + 17 min.)

meditation with frequencies for expanded states of consciousness.

The Blossoming Body (16 min.)

deep cell and body healing guided meditation.

Healing The Shadow Self (22 min.)

guided meditation for emotional healing and deep shadow work.

The Heart of the Universe (21 min.)

guided meditation on expansion of consciousness: from your heart to the heart of the universe.

Relax And Recharge (14 min.)

guided meditation to recharge and release stress quickly using the Tan Tien energy center.

Meet your Spirit Guides (22 min.)

guided meditation for connecting with trinity of energies that guides you

“Open contact” – ET contact meditation (20 min.)

guided meditation for connecting with extra-terrestrial intelligence.