“Transforming a Situation” – Part 1: Acceptance – (18 min.)

A meditation to change any situation. In this part 1 you will release resistance and anxiety allowing acceptance of the situation as it is, in part 2 you will focus on positive change and manifestation.

Be aware that no situation can be really transformed if you don’t first let go of your internal resistance. As stated in the law of resonance, what you resist persists; thus trying to force a change without first modifying your internal state is somewhat equal to nurturing the thing you want to change and making it even more present in your life. Even if you are able to escape from that particular situation, your resistance would soon create a new, similar situation, and you would find yourself exactly where you were before, but probably with even more frustration.

Many times, accepting our state of resistance is already enough to let a situation flow and change. Sometimes it is sufficient to let go of that desire for change if it’s stimulated by fear and anxiety; it’s better in a sense to stop trying so hard to find a solution, so everything can find its natural balance again and for real change to finally happen.

But even if relaxing and accepting are not enough, this is still a fundamental step. You must empty yourself of any resistance to be able to welcome a new situation: you must make space inside so the new can blossom; this is the only way towards actual change in life.

If you want to proceed to part 2 of the meditation click here.

Music: “”Relaxing piano music”” by Kevin McLeod (CC BY 3.0 licence)