Dissolving Problems (18 min.)

In this meditation, we will deal with problems. Problem is a word that comes from the ancient Greek and means literally “the thing which is in front of us”.
Every time we experience life, and we don’t like what is in front of us, we consider it a problem.

But before beginning the meditation, here are some questions that would be beneficial to ask:

  • Is it really a problem, or is it just something which is in front of me and I don’t like it?
  • Can I learn to look at this thing from a different point of view? Can I even learn to see it as if it was a solution?
  • And if I was able to see only solutions in front of me instead of problems… how would I feel in this precise moment?

As you may have already guessed, this is not a meditation to get rid of problems, but rather to dissolve the structure which makes you perceive a problem and then use that same energy to create a new structure which you can then call “solution”.

Music: “Shine” (from “Seven Sacred Centers”) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke