A User’s Guide To Cannabis As a Psychedelic Medicine w/ Ryan Sprague

Cannabis is not the ‘gateway’ psychedelic. It is also disrespectful to call it weed. The right cannabis in the right context is one of the most powerful psychedelic medicines on the planet. This podcast covers everything you might want to know about how to cultivate it, how to utilize it for maximum benefit, what to stack it with (and what NOT to stack it with) and how to connect with the spirit of the plant. Cannabis is legal in 19 states and readily available nationwide, so it’s high time to cultivate a beautiful relationship with her beyond the ‘anxiety’, ‘munchies’, or ‘sleepiness’, that are side effects of what she is really trying to do. Ryan Sprague is a master cultivator and experientialist with this plant, and this conversation was as potent as some of his strains.

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Time Stamps:
00:00- intro
1:48- Why Do Some People Get Anxiety & Paranoia?
9:55- Cannabis As Medicine & End Of Life
11:45- Edibles And Initiations
22:44- Potential Negative Consequences & Bad Advice
27:14- Cannabis Might Have The Highest Unrealized Potential
30:36- Pairing Cannabis With Other Psychedelics
42:20- Troubleshooting Guide For Challenging Experiences
57:14- Using Drugs To Numb
1:00:28- Next Level Cannabis Cultivation Methods
1:10:50- How To Connect With Ryan

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