You * Should * ALSO EAT these 5 Medicinal/Functional Mushrooms. Here’s Why!

If you’re here, you’re part of the mushroom revolution. It’s amazing to see it and be part of it. After months of research and experimentation, I wanted to introduce this small list of medicinal mushrooms, that I hope take your health to the next level!

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1:03 – Lion’s Mane Mushrooms
3:04 – Turkey Tail Mushrooms
5:36 – Cordyceps
8:13 – Chaga
10:04 – Reishi Mushrooms
11:37 – Beta-Glucans
11:53 – Never Eat Raw Mushrooms
12:52 – Other Medicinal Mushrooms
13:17 – Books I’d recommend

* Also, it is important to do a bit more research for yourself on these mushrooms. You do have to take them in safe amounts. Some people recommend you don’t eat them if you’re pregnant or on certain medicines. Tony’s youtube channel does a great job getting you on the way towards understanding how to take these mushrooms …

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