Why Your Prayers Aren’t Solving Your Problems

How to pray is something many of us have been taught in the wrong way. We should not struggle or suffer in problems if prayer is applied correctly, God brings comfort where there is struggle, we must pray with God at the center of our problems, not a sense of a separate self…

The New Children’s Books Offical Launch is Today! We had to wait as the printer again had some issues, but it seems now we are live and good to go!

The story is a way to bring some understanding, comfort, wonder around the topic of passing on.

All the proceeds, of course, go towards helping our ever-growing family of nearly 200 children. Indeed, the book is inspired by the children I was blessed to be the guardian of at Featherstale.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy doing so in the following days would be a HUGE help on top of the physical act of bringing one into your family home, that is.

The reason is, aside from the hope, this story brings comfort and joy to those who read it. With so many following our family, we might just get the book further up on the best seller algorithm. This of course, would mean more people who have never heard of Featherstale would see the book and hear about who we are.

To add a copy to your family home you can just search for “When the stars go out, John St Julien” on all Amazon sites around the world or Barnes and Noble and other online outlets.

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Thank you for your love and support, and I really do hope you enjoy the book My third is coming out shortly and is about a tree who can’t stop thinking, watch this space 🙂

To all who make our family a reality and to all the children I know who are fighting big battles in this world, thank you for the love, inspiration and light you have brought to our lives and each others.

Please keep being awesome world 🙂 x

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