Tibetan Mantra – ( OM TARE TU TARE TURE SOHA ) – Ballad from Tibet

MANTRA MEANING: Om Tara tu Tara tu ray swaha is an ancient mantra used in Tibetan Buddhism as a way of honoring Tara, the protector or “Mother of all Buddhas.” This mantra can be used as a main mantra to salute all 21 major forms of Tara, but it is particularly associated with Tara in her Green Tara form, which is connected with enlightenment and abundance. Om Tara tu Tara tu ray swaha is one of the most significant and most commonly chanted mantras in Tibetan Buddhism, and is used to attract help, compassion, strength and healing.

Om Tara tu Tara tu ray swaha can be translated as “I prostrate to Tara the liberator, mother of all the victorious ones.”

This mantra song is from the movie called “ BALLAD FROM TIBET”. It’s a movie song.

Subtitles are different from the Mantra.