Studies on “Life-Energy” | Roger Taylor

Studies on “Life-Energy”
Leading to a Proposal for the Enhancement of Global Meditaitons
Roger Taylor

Wilhelm Reich identified a beneficial form of subtle energy associated with life: “Orgone”. There are many ways to generate such energy: e.g. Pyramids, Orgonite (metal particles set in resin), non-Hertzian fields, and Ormus — the “White Gold” of David Hudson. I have developed a reliable quantitative dowsing method, based on measuring the radius of the innermost dowsable ring from the source. In this way I have compared the intensity of a variety of such sources under various conditions. Some important findings have received objective back-up from both UV spectroscopy of charged water and statistically controlled seedling growth experiments.

Principal findings include:
— Macroscopic quantum entanglement between identical images on paper, allowed a dowsable influence to be received from even across the Atlantic. — Information (in the form of a number of frequencies) was also sent non-locally in this way.
— Where orgone, or life-energy, is a “syntropic” influence, promoting increased order, I have identified an “entropic” influence, which both discharges charged water, and inhibits seeding growth.
— Studies with ormus have revealed it can be made to quantum tunnel through glass.

It is proposed that this “life-energy” is an influence conducive to coherence in the zero-point energy, and thus to syntropic processes in the local material environment. Living organisms and water are particularly susceptible to such an influence. The ability of such a field to carry information suggests that it may be critical for the effectiveness of radionics.

It is concluded that methods for producing syntropic fields could play a critical part in healing our world, not only (1) By local syntropic effects — e.g. the Russian pyramids, and the effects of Ormus on health of humans, animals and plants, but (2) With the use of entanglement via images, to enhance remote human intention — for example by further empowering the effects of group meditations for peace.

Roger Taylor has done research in fundamental immunology at NIMR, London. Director of MRC’s Immunobiology Group at Bristol University. Current interests include quantum biology, subtle fields, computerised bioelectrography, ormus. Work on life energy presented at a number of scientific meetings. Four articles published in Syntropy journal (

Recorded at the 34th annual SSE Conference in 2015 at the Hilton Washington DC/Rockville hotel.

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