Matías De Stefano EXPLAINS The Archangels & The 9 Dimensions

Matías De Stefano drops wisdom bombs on this episode. In this clip he explains that the archangels are truly just attributes of God, and how their sound, frequency, and vibration mold all of creation. Matías De Stefano explains how we can embody these attributes as Jesus himself did, and he touches on our 9 dimensional existence to help us understand.

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When someone claims that they can remember their past lives and everything that happened in between… My skeptic alarm lights up like a Christmas tree. But I started listening to Matías De Stefano, and it wasn’t just WHAT he was saying, but HOW he was saying it that got me curious. With humor and precision he explains our nine dimensional cosmology, which mirrors exactly what I have experienced in my psychedelic journeys. After podcasting and spending a few days with him… It was settled. I believe him. I invite you to listen with an open mind and enjoy the ride… the portal you’re about to experience may take you places you didn’t remember you’d been, until now. He may be the most profound under appreciated resource we have on this planet right now and I’m grateful to have access to his remembering.

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