How We Can Build A Solarpunk Future Right Now (ft. @Andrewism)

How we build a Solarpunk future, explained. Check out Andrewism’s video here:

In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at ways in which we can build a Solarpunk future right now. Solarpunk envisions a world in which nature and humanity are seamlessly intertwined, and it does this through a combination of low and high-tech stools as well as political ideologies that center on justice and the environment. Solarpunk solutions might look like Earthships which are already being constructed around the world with hand tools and human ingenuity. Earthships employ many principles of design that lend well to a Solarpunk world. Earthships are generally made from recycled materials and are rammed full of packed dirt local to the area. The Earthship takes advantage of the sun and the wind through passive heating and cooling as well as solar panels, it collects rainwater, and incorporates nature into the house through indoor greenhouses that connect the Earthship dweller with nature as well as provide resilience. There are also Solarpunk solutions readily available right now for transportation. That comes in the form of sailing in the form 21st century. Sailing is a Solarpunk solution because its ties our economy and our materials to the rhythms of the sea and of nature. Ultimately Solarpunk envisions a world that might be slower, but more intentional. One that ties humanity closely to the natural world. Luckily we already have many Solarpunk tools to create that future at our disposal today.

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0:00 – Intro
1:24 – A Word On Technology
3:30 – Earthships
6:49 – Sailing for the 21st Century
10:00 – What’s Holding Us Back?
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