Fine Art: the world’s most secret tax scam

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How fine art is used to evade taxes, and how the fine art market is a scam. In this video, I’m uncovering one of the least well known things in the global tax evasion scene: how fine art is used by people to evade taxes.

You might think that whenever you hear of some painting selling for a ridiculous amount of money, that it’s just a collector wanting to buy something nice for their wall. And yes, sometimes it is… but sometimes, it’s an elaborate scheme used to dodge taxes in a big way.

Fine art has been used for a long time to manipulate the way the ultra-rich pay tax, hide their money, as well as even launder cash. And hopefully, I’m going to reveal a little of that to you in this video.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

0:00 – One of the most manipulated industries on Earth
0:31 – A quick disclaimer
1:27 – How art is used to evade taxes
2:02 – Find yourself an artist
2:43 – Promote the artist
3:58 – Skillshare insert
4:58 – Appraising your new art
5:57 – Donate your art for a tax break
7:03 – The big club of the art world
8:37 – How freeports are used to evade tax
10:26 – Final thoughts

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