Can these tiny satellites democratize government secrets? | Hard Reset by Freethink

Can these tiny satellites democratize government secrets?
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Today, satellite mapping has forever changed the accuracy with which we can map, and AI computer vision systems have made satellite mapping more useful than ever before.

Using AI, satellite mapping revolutionizer, Planet, can automatically identify and categorize what their satellites see, creating something like a true global database of “what’s on the world.”

“Using computer vision, we can abstract out objects. Then we basically build up a database of all of the objects on Earth over time,” Will Marshall, Planet co-founder and CEO, says.

Marshall notes protecting the ecosystem as a key example of what Planet’s technology can do; they can stop illegal logging in advance, because they can see the roads being cut into the forests before the harvest begins. Planet performed the first coral reef satellite mapping project, and can now — because we can watch it change day to day — lookout for coral bleaching or illegal fishing.

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