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Explore an 11+ year journey into the Regenerative Renaissance as an ever growing number of people ask:

— How can we build the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible?

— How can we design new economic and governance systems to coordinate the systemic regeneration and reunion with Earth?

We’ve been building, iterating, evolving, and testing a variety of approaches over the last 11 years that we’ll explore.

We open source one of our most valuable assets, our knowledge, so that other “competing” ecosystems may learn with our ecosystem together, as our only actual competition is the degenerative economic systems we were **all born into.**

Our shared task is to make them obsolete by creating economic systems that are regenerative by design.

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This is one PoV of our journey:

0:00 Introduction
1:40 Making maps for Hypha & SEEDS
2:30 What is the Regenerative Renaissance
5:45 Milestone 1: The problem
7:00 Death and joyfully birthing a new economy
8:30 Milestone 2: Permaculture
11:45 Milestone 3: Ecovillages
15:15 Milestone 4: Find purpose
17:00 Milestone 5: Local food and Crowd Food Network
20:20 Milestone 6: Light Food! the local food financial system
21:15 Milestone 7: Light evolves into SEEDS a regenerative financial system
24:00 What if the trillions central banks made went to heal our earth. Regenerative economics.
27:27 Bioregional and local economies
30:33 Basics of a new financial system: integrations, wallets, and more
33:03 Milestone 8: Governance! Journey to democratic economic system
36:16 SEEDS: an evolutionary economic system and economic primitives
41:31 Contribution Scores: How we can evolve rewarding contributions to society
44:00 Making regeneration the most profitable option
54:45 Obsoleting planned obsolescence
58:20 Seeds vs central bank money
59:59 Milestone 9: Organize as organisms
1:02:54 Overview of the Hypha DHO/DAO coordinate tool
1:06:06 Season! An ecosystemic coordination pattern
1:09:09 Milestone 10: Minimum Viable Regenerative Economy Introduction
1:15:42 SEEDS Commons: Coordinating am ecosystem of organisations
1:17:40 Evolution: From single cell/org ecosystem to multicellular / many Organisations
1:21:12 SEEDS as an Ecosystem: Coordination across many organs
1:25:00 Intermission! With invitation to meditate

Next session will explore all the tooling and knowledge base in depth.

Background music credit

Rieki Cordon

Art by
Regen Eric,