The flight of the eagle (20 min.)

guided meditation to connect with your Higher Self

Connecting with Source (18 min.)

guided meditation for connecting with the Universe

Starseed Activation (28 min.)

guided meditation for Starseed activation and awakening

Frequencies for the Awakening (19 + 17 min.)

meditation with frequencies for expanded states of consciousness.

The Heart of the Universe (21 min.)

guided meditation on expansion of consciousness: from your heart to the heart of the universe.

Meet your Spirit Guides (22 min.)

guided meditation for connecting with trinity of energies that guides you

Pineal Gland Activation (24 min.)

guided meditation to activate the pineal gland and synchronize your brain hemispheres.

The 7 Galaxies (30 min.)

Guided meditation to open and activate the 7 chakras, connecting with the qualities of each one.

Presence in the body (10 min.)

Mindfulness guided meditation 10 minutes

Presence in the Breath (9 min.)

mindfulness guided meditation 10 minutes