Starseed Activation (28 min.)

Through this energetic “Starseed” activation you will be guided to renew your desire to serve planet Earth and all the creatures that inhabit it in this moment of evolutionary acceleration. You will be able to renew your intent and your mission in this place of the universe, thus making yourself more visible to the Intelligent Beings who work assiduously for the Ascension, which will then be able to channel more energy towards you to support you in your task.

Be aware that this activation could cause an acceleration during which it will be necessary for you to quickly let go of everything you don’t need and confidently embrace the mystery of your work on Earth: learning to live in the present even more, joyfully and in the amazement of the single instant that is continually renewed. Be aware that if you resist this acceleration process, you will experience suffering. If you continue to cling to what does not truly represent you, you will experience confusion and pain. If you try to interrupt your path, you will feel sadness and frustration. Otherwise, if you open up to trust and humbly accept to serve your purpose on this Earth every day, you will be offered great gifts and support to nourish your journey. It is normal to be afraid of letting oneself go to one’s deeper purpose, just as it is normal to stumble, take a wrong turn and get lost temporarily. However, if every time fear arises you will be able to stop and renew your trust in Creation, everything will be fine. The important thing is that you are sincere in your intent, ready to forgive yourself for any mistake without giving in to feelings of guilt.

This meditation is part of my video course “Contact!”, available in Italian only by clicking here.

Music: “From stars we come” by Johann Kotze (converted at 432 Hz)