Manifest Your Soulmate (20 min.)

In this meditation, I will guide you in the manifestation game that I myself used some years ago to meet a very special person, with whom I have engaged in a deep process of transformation, a process that has been possible only because of a very ancient alliance of love.

First of all, let the words “soulmate” or “twin flame” be something light. On the spiritual planes, everything is so much richer and complex than our mind can conceive. Thinking that there is someone we are destined to meet, and that missing that appointment will cause suffering, is just a way to push away any encounter even more.

In my experience, soulmates can be many because in every instant we are different. When we radically change, the soulmate we were connected to could provide space for a new one. Without claiming to truly understand what “soulmate” means on the spiritual planes, what I have understood is that in every relationship you can perceive the seeds of a connection that stretches out of the timeline of your life, an ancient and profound connection.

All of us have a spiritual family, we are part of groups of souls with whom we continuously go back to play the game of physical life. Sometimes we are brothers and sisters, sometimes sons, daughters and parents, sometimes we are enemies, and some other times we are lovers.

In esoteric terms, more properly we talk about “twin flame” to indicate a person whose soul was born from the same core of ours. Someone who is our perfect half, a person with which we are destined to reunite to create what sometimes is defined as a “magic couple”, a relationship where the energy of both merges, almost becoming a unique being.

Nevertheless, understand that by using this vocabulary we can easily suffocate with expectations every new encounter, and weigh down the relations that are waiting for us.
If you believe in the existence of twin flames, just relax: if there is someone you really have to meet in this life, you will, there is no need to go seeking that person out.

So, I suggest you imagine the soulmate lightly, like a member of your spiritual family who right now is perfect for you; a piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly together with who you are in this moment; a magical encounter that will allow both of you to become something greater, and grow together helping each other.

During this time of manifestation, especially if you bring a lot of energy into the process, you may start creating love relationships with different people… maybe none of them will be your soulmate yet, but you will be surprised in discovering in each of them an aspect of that special person, and every one of these relationships will be just like a ferry that carries you closer and closer to your true soulmate.

Sometimes this will happen through suffering, because every relationship will show you something you need to transform, so you can create even more space in you, to truly welcome that special person when the time is right.

Music: “Ascension” by C. Lloyd Clarke