Many packages scattered all around the space: every person can take one as a gift from the artist. Every package it’s sealed with a random date from the day of the exhibition (2007) up to 2011: the person is invited to open the gift only on that exact date.
The aim of this project was to create a kind of mistery energy which each person could carry at home with them, ad also “educate” the audience to take care of that energy and feed it each day by respecting the rules of the game. The content of each package gained value depending on the quality of this feeding.

A child couldn’t resist and he opened his package immediately: he was disapponted. A young woman looked instead for a package carrying the date of her birthday, she found it and waited that date to open it: she was delighted and sent me a letter.

Installation Title:
The Gift
2007 > 2011
Sealed packages
Installation: 1000x1000x30 cm