Series Title:
How Many
Mixed (ink on paper and digital manipulation)
Giclée prints on paper (limited edition of 10 for each artwork)
100×70 cm (each)

These pictures are playing with several concepts: simmetry, chaos vs order, hidden images, abstract/figurative, perception of the reality.
The abstract blown ink patterns, when simmetrically reflected and slightly superimposed, create figurative images which you can begin to perceive by staring for some time to each picture. The interesting thing is that each picture has a “theme”, a certain type of figurative pattern which is recurring in different dimensions and shapes. The titles are pointing out this theme for each picture, but of course it is possible that completely different themes are being perceived by the audience.

Another interesting effect is that in some cases reflecting the same pattern in opposite directions creates themes that are conceptually connected (eg. “how many cats/how many mouses”, “how many witches/how many wizards”). Again, this has absolutely no scientific basis, I was mainly interested in exploring the perception’s threshold between abstract and figurative.