The symbols used to create the mandalas generate emotions of refusal in many persons because of the memories and concepts they bring with them. On the other hand the symmetrical mandalas usually generate a sense of beauty and harmony as they recall the harmony of Nature. This happens even if these mandalas have been created using exclusively those hated Nazi symbols, via simple operations of reflection, rotation, overlapping and coloring.

The symbols used in this way are almost or totally invisible, but conceptually they are still the fundamental “building blocks” for the mandalas.

By using the mandala construction tables as reference and observing for some time the mandalas, in some cases it’s possible to identify the symbol used for each mandala, and in this space of perception – in precarious balance between the refusal of the symbol as “Evil” and the acceptation of the mandala as “Beauty” – is it possible to understand the power of creative transmutation, which is a quality of the human being.

Denying, banishing, or refusing something which exists means to become allies of a process which slows down the evolution of our awareness. On the other hand using the energy sprung from intensely destructive events to generate new paths of meaning, or as in this case to create harmonious and beautiful images, means to learn the lesson of Nature… which never refuses, but always transforms.

Installation Title:
Everything is Pure Beauty
Mixed (Watercolor on paper and digital manipulation)
Digital prints on metal – bookstands
installation: 600x250x50 cm – 5 mandala prints (100×70 cm each) – 5 project tables prints (40×30 cm each)